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Backups and Disaster Recovery

See how we secure your data and make it easy to recover.

We design backup solutions to suit your data requirements and your recovery requirements.  From high volume low cost Online Backup, through High Availability live replication capabilities, to unlimited storage options for EndPoints.  All our backup solutions:

  • Are inherently offsite and 100% automated
  • Are highly secure with encryption in transit and at rest as standard
  • Can be either self-managed, or managed by us
  • Provide automated reporting and alerting

Security is central to everything we do, all our backup solutions are capable of customer-managed encryption for all data, whether in transit or at rest.  Security features include:

  • Hosted across 2 Teraco data centres (Cape Town and JHB).  Tier 3, biometric access control, 24/7 security and monitoring, all access logged.
  • Self-managed encryption keys
  • Up to 448bit encryption
  • Managed by your own IT team (if you want!)

You manage it, or we manage it for you – entirely your choice.  Our solutions can be provides as ‘service only’, or as a managed service looked after for you by our team of experts.

  • Self-service management portals
  • Automated alerting and reporting
  • Self-service restore capability
  • Automated recovery testing for High Availability solutions

Backup is important.  Restore is critical. We design for restore, not for backup.  In particular, your chosen method needs to fit your business requirements for that particular data set.

  • Options to restore locally, remotely (to cloud), or both
  • Recovery times as low as minutes on High Availability solutions
  • Restore to your infrastructure, or ours (to cloud!)
  • Self-Restore, or give our team of experts a call.

Speak to Alto Africa backup experts on how we can assist in backing up your corporate data and ensuring you have a solution that fits your company

Let us assist with the following options:

  • Server Backups (Physical or Virtual)
  • Multiple Server environments with offsite backup and replication options
  • Onsite backups with replication to our secure datacenters
  • Laptops and Workstations

Why Online Backups?


Automated backups

with no human intervention.

No capital


Secure offsite storage

to multiple data centres.

Online recovery

from any site.

Delivery service on external

USB hard disk for large data recoveries.

Customisable retention

periods up to 10 years.

De-duplication and compression

further lower storage costs.

What we do:

Daily monitoring of

all backup services.

Assist in best practice

backup and replication methods.

Provide virtual infrastructure

for business continuity services.


all data.


Contact us if you require more information about our Backup Solutions and File Sharing…