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File Sharing

Security, Mobility and Control is what sets our file sharing service apart from other providers.

Your File Sharing Solution should provide the security, mobility, and control your organization needs to feel confident when accessing and sharing critical business information and collaborating amongst internal and third party team members.

Team Administration and Security

Administrative Policy and Account Management are particular strengths within the context of Autotask Workplace service administration. These represent Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) mechanisms by which specific named accounts can be provided with varying levels of administrative permissions. This includes the ability to integrate with Active Directory

Platform Security

In the rapidly changing landscape of cloud services, companies that handle sensitive information, such as in the legal, finance, and medical sector, find that they are under increasing scrutiny over their information processing controls. AWP data centers are audited against both AICPA SSAE 16 / SAS 70 and ISAE 3402 criteria for system availability and security.

File Security

All files handled by the Alto Africa’s service are secured, both in transit and in storage, using 256-bit AES-encryption. Furthermore, in order to maximize the separation between teams, users, and files, a different unique rotating encryption key is used for each individual file.


Access to content stored within AWP is controlled and policed at different levels within the security architecture. Within the confines of overarching user policies that are established by Admins and enforced by the AWP service, users are free to establish their own content access policies as they share Projects with others, effectively dictating the type and method of access afforded to others.

IP Address Whitelist Policies

The IP Address Whitelist is also commonly referred to as an Access Control List (ACL) in computer networking security terminology. This feature enables the AWP Enterprise Admin to place a flexible set of restrictions on service login. Specifically, service login can be prohibited or allowed based upon a combination of the mode of access (browser, mobile app, desktop agent) and the source IP address.

Alto Endpoint Backup

Alto Endpoint Backup (AEB) is a cloud based file & folder backup service that can be deployed, configured and managed centrally. It allows you to customize which folders are backed up, monitor backup progress and access the Endpoint Backup via an online portal, where you can review backup versions, as well as restore data from your backup. AEB will put your mind at ease by providing:


Central Configuration, Deployment and Management

We liaise discuss with you to define the devices, files and folders that need to be backed-up on all company systems. From there we do the rest including configuration, installation and continuous monitoring of the service and remote remediation as needed. AEB also has an optional capability to prevent the changing of these settings by employees.


Endpoint Backup Portal

The web portal accessed through the AEB desktop agent allows you to quickly see device information, view backup status and restore data from a backup including earlier versions.


Unlimited Backup!

There is no limit to the amount of data you can backup. Protect all of your data and give yourself peace of mind should any loss of data.


Easy deployment and great security

Easy deployment options make rolling our AEB fast and secure. There are various rollout options, including active directory integration, and out team will assist in the best method depending on your environment.

Cloud File Access

Workplace Mobile for iOS and Android Our award-winning Mobile App provides secure access to files and folders synced to the AWP service. Use the built in editor to modify files and ensure security while being mobile.


Increased Productivity

AWP is helping organizations of all sizes fully exploit the power of its laptops and smart devices.

  • Transform tablets and smartphones into reliable alternatives to getting business done.
  • Anywhere, anytime access to current versions of business content empowers good decisions.



AWP supports an active mechanism for device approval, allowing Admins to ensure that Computers and Mobile Devices must obtain specific administrative permission before being configured to operate with the AWP service. Using one or more permit/deny Group-based policies, Administrators have the flexibility of including or exempting Groups from Device Approval requirements.


Remote Wipe

For lost or stolen devices, and for devices used by departing employees, businesses have a critical need to ensure that all company data is securely and completely removed on demand. AWP supports the wiping of company data from Desktop Computer and Mobile Devices both manually and automatically, through a variety of potential triggers.

Version Control

Seamlessly track changes across users ensuring your always working on the correct file version. Easily role back to a previous version of the file should you need to.


Safely Share with colleagues

Share files and folders with team members and assign granualar access controls. This drastically cust down on emailing of documents and ensures everyone is working on the correct version


Safely Share with external parties

Collaberating with external parties becomes easy and secure. Multiple options ensure your data is securily shared with your controls around the ability to download the file, view online only, restricing uploading of files


Business Collaboration

AWP is flexible and open, designed for the specific needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes where control and management of cloud services is critical to maintaining business operations.

  • With AWP’s policy-based controls, you can provide secure access for employees and outside resources to work together on projects.
  • AWP takes collaboration to a whole new level with real-time access and editing capabilities.



There is no action that goes unrecorded. Our Tamper proof auditing tracks all activity so you know exactly what your users are doing with company data, all events such as creating, deleting, mofifying and sharing of files and folders


Track User Access

See detailed information about where and how people are accessing your company data. Important information such as IP address and method of access mean that you have immutable evidence should you require it.

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